Friday, March 11, 2011

Poster Make-Overs, Re-Do's and Such (or "What's That Noise?")

It's been a few months since I did a round-up of poster re-interpretations—it seems to be a pre-occupation now, with graphic artists, to do highly stylized key art for some of their favorite films.  And one can hardly blame them with such dull examples of photoshop coming out of the design houses for current studio releases.

We'll start out with Dean ("Mr. Shabba") Walton's interpretation of some of the recent Oscar contenders:

And, of course, someone always has to do their take on the "Star Wars" films.  Similar in style to the ones above, here are three designed by the terrifically stylish minimalist Olly Moss:

And here's one I found at random on the web, artist unknown:

Here's a couple neat ones from the Alamo Drafthouse stable:

Here's a very clever one for Let Me In (You have to know the story to "get" it), also from Moss:

Here's a Moss design for a SXSW double-bill of Duncan Jones films:

More Moss (which may be an oxymoron):

Then there's Ridge ("I'm a girl"), who is starting a series of detailed posters for the Bond series:

Finally, here's a teaser poster for the new "Conan" movie (Oy!) that uses motion (and loud sound: Caution)* to great effect (Thanks to IMP Awards):

* Yeah, Admit it: you were scrambling for the volume control, and THEN for the source of the rumble.


The Mad Hatter said...

All very cool, but that top series of Oscar contenders feels a little "meh" when you realize they're all the same template. (Small icon inside a silhouette)

Yojimbo_5 said...

Yeah. But I like how Shabba directs the sight-lines right to the center of the poster, so it has a three-dimensional effect.