Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Post-Oscar Depression

Well, as those who were reading this blog on Sunday know, I don't have cable on "The Rock" so I missed out on The Big Show. I ask you, though, to weep no tears for me (after all, I only did by circumstance what the majority of Americans did by choice!) because I got MY coverage from the only source that counts--the snarky working Press. Not only did they get to go to the same parties, and bask in the heat-lamp of celebrity, they also got to bite the bejewelled, lacquered hand that was feeding it (but not much, that way the booze goes to their head quicker!). But like that hang-over that overstays its welcome (by weeks), there is still some Oscar-flak falling from the skies, trying to gain the attention of those of us who've already forgotten who won. Some items of note:

-Whoopi Goldberg is sad that she wasn't mentioned in an Oscar montage of hosts (neither was Steve Martin, apparently). C'mon, Whoop', don't go "Rosie" on us.

-One of John Stewart's better lines was with all the dark-themed Best Picture Nominees, "Thank God for teen pregnancy!" I know whereof he speaks. Given an opportunity to go see "Juno" or "No Country for Old Men," K. came down on the side of "No Country..." She thought "Juno" would be depressing. "Juno" a comedy, was more depressing....But not.....

-Speaking of "Juno," Diablo Cody thanked her parents for loving her "just the way I am." They probably ruefully looked at the screen and said, "Sure thing....'Brooke.'"

-One of the folks who got an Oscar also lives on "The Rock." Sound-man Kirk Francis won a "Best Sound" Oscar for "The Bourne Ultimatum," though I didn't see any mention of it until it showed up in a South-Rock newspaper (Wasn't even mentioned on the crawl that I was monitoring Sunday night--is this a good time to mention that the sound people show up in the movie credits after the Caterer?). No doubt "Bourne" won for the "Waterloo Station" sequence where Bourne tries to avoid snipers and detection while meeting a reporter. It look complicated, but with cell-phones wired for sound, it's a lot easier than it looks. Still, Francis mixed the bloody thing on-site which is a neat trick to pull off. He also agrees that "No Country for Old Men" had the better use of sound. He says that, despite having an Oscar in his hand. Very cool. Hope to run in to him someday at "The Clyde" Theater.
Let me take an opportunity to welcome two co-horts to this endeavor--the two Johnny's: Jon of Monmouth and JohnBai.* They will be adding their thoughts, opinions and reviews (as they already have, though in the Comments sections) to the Main Page in the very near future. I'm damned lucky to have them helping out, as they have views far different than mine, and offer a refreshing breath of perspective to the proceedings (Of course, they're quite wrong much of the time, but for some reason, their reasoning is iritatingly sound). Thanks, gents! Looking forward to the interplay.

* JohnBai has a Profile up to per-use, but Jon, Lamont Cranston-like, is hiding behind a wall of obfuscation that will cloud your mind as to his real identity. Update: Ulp! Nope! There he is, up there in the Profiles section (Damn you, Jon--make a liar out of me!)

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