Thursday, March 6, 2008

Exactly My Type

"Words. Words. Words."

One of the few lines from Shakespeare I remember (Hamlet, Act 2, Scene 2). I haven't seen the play, but I've seen lots of movies.

I was browsing through the selections in the sidebar (over there ------->), and clicked on Jim Emerson's "Scanners" (which is a wonderful blog you should be regularly frequenting--please, use me as your portal!), and today, he had two wonderful video's by a YouTube subscriber who animates dialogue from movies. Now, I'm about to launch a feature that showcases classic scenes (or at least good ones---well, ones I like!) from movies, but I just fell in love with what this fellow Chrissilich is doing, and think he's a bloody genius. You may or may not agree, but it's at least fun to watch in order to make that determination...and that's the trick of movie-making.

Here he takes on a scene from a film I didn't particularly like much--I like it more for having seen this, and for that I'm very grateful:

Here's a bit of "V for Vendetta:"

Cool, eh?

Now, my plug: Be on the look-out for a new department called "Don't Make A Scene!"

Because words matter.


John said...

It would be funnier if the sound was dubbed over a Peanuts cartoon. I'm thinking Schroeder and Lucy. But I guess that would make it copywrite infringement.

Walaka said...

Oh, John...

I would like it better if he paid a little more attention to the punctuation (which I think he got/did wrong in places), but I love the concept. Especially the laughing.