Thursday, March 20, 2008

You got one of them vexing movie questions? The kind that keep you up at night wondering, "Who was that guy who was Lee Marvin's sidekick in 'The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance?" Lose sleep no more! "Let's Not Talk About Movies," as a public service, is all too willing to investigate those questions and give those answers (Lee Van Cleef and Strother Martin, by the way) to you in a somewhat timely manner, as long as you reserve the right to let us use that question in a Mail-bag Round-up whenever we feel like it.

Need a recommendation for a movie? We can do that, too, as long as you're not at Blockbuster this very second and you HAVE TO KNOW RIGHT NOW!!.

Need a good argument for that idiot-boyfriend of yours about why he should take you to go see "Across the Universe?" (There isn't one, but we'll make an attempt, like, uh,"Joe Cocker shows up and sings 'Come Together.' Sober!")

Wondering what the heck "'2001' means, already, like, y'know, with all the colors and the wierd guy in the bathrobe and stuff?" Well, we'll make an attempt at explaining, but we'll probably just refer you to

(No, we won't get an autograph for you. No, we don't buy tickets for you. No, we don't want to look at your screenplay, and no, we don't know what time "Such and Such, Part 2: The End of Originality" is playing at the Googleplex downtown. Lots of sites can do that for you. Don't ask us which ones, either. And no, we won't be able to tell you if it was Lee Van Cleef or Strother Martin you were thinking of. And no, we won't write your thesis paper on "Juno: the Exigencies of Responsibility in a World of Random Fate post 9/11. Go ask David Denby.)

But for just about anything else about movies, one of us should know the answer, so remember if you have any Questions FOR Let's Not Talk About Movies Blog, send them to

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Any Questions?

Jon, John-Bai (the quiet one) and Yojimbo

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