Friday, July 25, 2008

Letters! We've got Letter[strike]s[/strike]

We're interrupting the flow* of things to answer our first letter.Not "answer" per se, but "present," as in to show that a) we do get letters** (opening up the mail-box is not "just crickets")*** and that b) that link to the right ----> actually does work.

Amanda Beals, of the web-site, sent us this, as we were presenting so much content prior to the opening of "The Dark Knight."

Hi, just put out an article about the cost of being Bruce Wayne in 2008 compared to the original Batman in the sixties. It a very entertaining article, and I thought you and your readers might enjoy it, so I am providing you with a link to the piece!

Thanks for writing, Amanda! Your link back to your site is provided in return. It a letter, even if it is "plug-o-rama."

Don't forget, you can send queries, questions and other things beginning with "Q" to Letters2LNTAM by following that link to the right.


I also wanted to alert folks to this fine column by Roger Ebert on the passing of "At the Movies." The nice, understanding folks at Disney will not renew the contract for Roeper and Ebert's services (after all, Ebert's been sick and hasn't been on the show for two years, though he has been producing behind the scenes) and are putting together a new show with a new team of "personalities."**** Roeper and Ebert will do one of their own, no doubt. This will be the third time Ebert's had to pick up stakes and re-create the landmark film review show with the thumbs. (The original was done with WTTW, public television--Channel 11 --in Chi-town). Not only is his blog-post a nice piece, but Ebert provides links to video's of particularly ribald out-takes of he and Siskel recording promotional spots that are indicative of their love-hate relationship.

* Yes, there is a "flow" (not that you're aware of it), but I'm interrupting it to bring you this late-breaking development. I try to have some stuff prepared in the background, so I don't get caught without a post every day, and I'm about two and half weeks ahead, but since this is so goll-durned important (and to remind you of the e-mail feature) that I thought I'd kick what was here and replace it with this.

** Up 'til now they've been announcements that this site has won The British Lottery, and blip-verts for all sorts of pharmaceuticals.

*** As in "the sound of...."

**** A "film reviewer" from "E!?" [sarcasm]Oh, That'll be helpful![/sarcasm]

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