Saturday, August 23, 2008

Previews of Coming Attractions

We're coming to the end of the Summer Season for the movies, and we wanted to close out the Summer (and the run of a review or scene with a week of reviews of a specific genre or theme.

Tomorrow: a "Don't Make a Scene" from a movie reviewed this week (that's a first). Then, we'll look at a week of movies centered around a certain author. As to who that is, here's a video intro:

Two thoughts: Who'da thunk that crusty James Whitmore could hoof, huh? Sure, they gave him an easier "laff-part," but he comports himself well. And the line "Kick her right in the Coriolanus?" That Cole Porter. Heh.

Next Sunday's "Don't Make a Scene" has a "Labor Day" theme, and, no, it doesn't feature Sally Field (though I really, really like her)

Then, the next week, "Westerns" old and revisionist, and some ending thoughts on The Death of the Western.

That's all coming up in the next two weeks. Back to writing...

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