Saturday, September 27, 2008

Let's All Go to the Lobby!

We have a couple new features on LNTAM: Look over to the right column, and scroll down to the bottom.

See that top one? If you're a regular follower of "Let's Not Talk About Movies," stand up and be counted. We won't send you any spam. We won't send your e-mail to anyone who sends spam. We won't send you information on short-term 0% loans. We won't give your names to any political party or candidate. We won't du nuthin' except appreciate your presence (and occasionally gaze fondly on your pictures when we're writing, knowing that we're writing...for YOU!)

What else? Well, right below, you'll get an idea of what the Top 5 movies for the previous weekend were. That's always reassuring and will make you feel superior whether 1) you went to see the piece of garbage at the top of the list, or 2) you swore you'd rather be caught dead than see it.

And lookee thar, below that--you'll get an IMDB recommendation of a good movie to see--I've been following it for the last few weeks, and I haven't seen a horrible movie pop up yet (although yesterday it displayed "Grindhouse." *sigh*) It's at least a good idea-generator for your Netflix queue.

Roger Ebert had a dandy little blog entry about critics, and the critics who critique them--as well as some personal thoughts on presenting personal thoughts:

Good reading, that, in the invariable breezy Ebert style.

Finally, reader Walaka did some perusing of the lists of film-related links to the right, and tumbled across this little "Can You Identify the Movie" quiz:

I won't spoil it for you other than to say--it's tough! Fun, but tough!


AND...don't forget to vote in the "Summer of Disappointment" poll. Only a few days left to get your opinion in--there'll be no recounts.

And then, also don't forget to vote in the follow-up poll, that'll be up the next day.


Coming up: Tomorrow, we have an odd little "Don't Make a Scene" that's a bit uncategorizable, a scattered selection of reviews, and, as there's a slew of new movies this week-end, maybe a new review or two.

UPDATE: Life, and circumstances, have a way of changing plans. We'll move the "Don't Make a Scene" mentioned above to the week after. Tomorrow, we'll put in a pivotal scene from a great, great movie. And, in so doing, pay a bit of tribute.

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