Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Quantum of Sony"

Actually, this sums up "Quantum of Solace" in a nut-shell.
Or, I should say...in a bomb-shell.


Walaka said...

What a world, what a world... all I can imagine is Daniel Craig, working actor, standing in front of a green screen, being directed (and someone had to direct this, right - who was that?): okay, now a big piece of debris hits your right shoulder from behind, that's it, okay, but you're tough, so you steady yourself, that's it, now give me a little more of that resolute look, okay...

What a silly way to make a living, selling televisions.

Yojimbo_5 said...

That's a likely scenario.

I'd like to imagine he was wired up and pulled around, or pushed and shoved about by green-screen-garbed kurogo.

Now, that would have been surreal.

I still remember my jaw dropping at the bullet-hit to the shoulder, and thinking "they're selling TV's?"

Still easier to understand than the action sequences of "QOS," though.