Monday, January 26, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

If you've done any hunting-and-pecking on this blog you're aware that I like to put hidden links into the reviews--they can be anything from illustrations to videos to definitions to what-have-you

Well, you may have noticed, I've kept that tribute to the late Patrick McGoohan a bit longer than normal. That's to give you an opportunity to take advantage of it: clicking on his picture takes you to the AMC web-site (Flash-required), where you can stream every episode of McGoohan's landmark series, "The Prisoner."

That is such a great gift to people who've never encountered this amazing, bizarre, and ultimately frustrating series. Rooted in the '60's spy craze, and a bit of an off-shoot of McGoohan's ITV series "
Danger Man" (or "Secret Agent" as it was known in America--that's where the Johnny Rivers song comes from), the series touched on issues of politics, philosophy, and identity.

And it was a lot of fun.

But don't go in expecting easy answers. Expect more questions.

I'll leave it up for another week--things start shuffling a bit in February (themes and such)--so take advantage of it.

Be Seeing You.

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