Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Previews of Coming Attractions

We here at LNTAM hope you're enjoying the reviews of the current year-end releases as much as we are doing them, but there's going to be a slight hiccup in the line-up to do some syncing with the real-world...and just because I can.

Instead of a review of a new movie on Thursday (Oh, I've got one--I've got several, including "Milk," "The Spirit," "The Reader," and maybe even "Marley and Me"—if I can sneak my dog into the theater!), but tomorrow we start taking up the "Olde Review" series again, with a review that I first broadcast precisely 23 years ago to the day (I couldn't let that opportunity go by).

Friday, we'll have a new review of Clint Eastwood's "Gran Torino" on the day it "opens wide" in many more theaters around the country.

Then, Saturday, or what is loosely being called "Take Out the Trash Day" 'round these parts, we'll do the second half of that ASUW double-bill as another "Olde Review."

If I knew what scene we'd be analyzing on Sunday, I'd drop a hint, but I haven't a clue. It's been so long since I picked a scene at random, I think I've forgotten how.*

We'll have a special one pre-Inauguration, though. And in February, the month of Valentine's Day, we'll have love scenes, unrequited or not.

We might (mind you, I said might) do a year-end wrap-up if a few more of these fil-ums those Big City boys have seen make it out to this little back-water of cinemah. P-too!

But if you absolutely must have a Top-Ten list, take a gander at Jim Emerson's. He had the good sense to put it in video form, albeit a video directed by Lars Von Trier from a script by David Lynch from a story by Bunuel (and Salvador Dali).

* Oh, good! I've found a place of an asterix! It'll come down to either an expression of hope, an adventure in film-going, or advice from a person of color...but not the color you're thinking of.

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