Saturday, July 18, 2009

Program Note

Yojimbo the 5th here. Just a note to let those who are getting this feed through Facebook or your local Widget* know that you'll notice something strange in these parts tomorrow. Oh, LNTAM will be here per normal, and the by-now-customary "Don't Make a Scene" will be present.

But, due to the nature of the "Scene" we're making that day, specifically the language of the scene, the blog will be headed by an "R" rating designation, and it is that which will appear as the graphic of the feeds and the widgets—I'm assuming that, of course, what is usually designated as the graphic header is the first one that appears—first come first served.

Now, why have I done this? Well, I'm not sensitive to coarse language but I am sensitive to readers' sensibilities.** I shouldn't be, I guess, as the audience I'm targeting should have no problem with the language or "R" or even PG-13 films. Still, I felt that the "pervasive language" would be a factor in pushing people's buttons. I'm not adverse to the occasional "F"-bomb, as long as it's well used. Gratuitous use (as in tomorrow's scene) can either be comedic or eye-rolling (case in point: the recent "The Taking of Pelham 123")—and the pervasiveness is even brought up in the context of the scene (that should give you a hint as to what it is).

Now, I suppose I could have put up the "age-restriction" feature of Blogger, but 1) it's cheesy and would give the impression that it was worse than it was, 2) it would restrict perusal of content for the rest of the blog and 3) it's unnecessary, frankly, and offensively censorial.

So, I did the next best thing. I put an "R" rating graphic at the top of the post to warn the sensitive (the lily-livers!) away. And I'm quite sanguine with that being the illustrative graphic for the one-offers approaching this site (readership has been down—it's Summer—it might even, contrarily, be an inducement for more people to visit).

What's coming up this next week? Well, we have a couple of posts of a timely nature, one marking a historical event. We'll have two—maybe three—Summer premieres represented, two foreign films—one initially X-rated, the other the winner of the Best Foreign Film of its year, a documentary with local interest, and possibly an Olde Review (unless it gets booted out of its slot by late-breaking news, and that seems more and more likely as the week rolls on).

I have material through the first week of August, but I'm still behind writing a couple of reviews for movies tough to crack—then there are the things that have been on the shelf for months. Some day, they will all see the light of day.

You can help. I'll be putting up a poll today asking which movie you'd like to see a scene of next Sunday. Please vote, and vote early! The poll will close Friday night.

* And, really, shouldn't you have LNTAM on your blog as a widget? It's quick, it's easy, it's painless, and it's free!!

** Case in point, the original title of "Saving Stanley Kubrick" was "Cutting the #!@% out of "Eyes Wide Shut." Too "on-the-nose" for me.

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