Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm a Quizzzz-Master.

I had a suggestion some time back (okay, last week) that I don't do enough polls or quizzes, and that I should do one once in awhile.

Today's the day.

My wife has been looking at National Geographic specials a lot lately—she's trip-planning—and one of the annoying things I do (one of them) is proudly announce, like I'm greeting an old friend, who's doing the narration. Last night it was "Captain Sisko!" (
Avery Brooks--great pipes) "Hey, that's James Coburn!"

Annoying, yes, but for me, it's fun. The voice is essential in acting (not a big mime fan, I), and as I started out as a sound engineer, and did some voice-over myself, I've always had a love for those guys/gals who stand or sit and read aloud for a living.

It's been a few years, but more and more celebrities are doing commercial voice-overs--an hour in the studio, they pick up a fat check and they're outta there.
George Clooney does Budweiser. Robert Redford was the voice of United Airlines—they don't do much advertising for airlines anymore—replacing Gene Hackman, who is now the voice of Oppenheimer Funds and Lowe's Home Improvement Centers ("Let's Build Something Together" he invites, reminding me of his classic semi-last words in "Unforgiven:" "I don't deserve this; I was building a house!") Billy Crudup does the Mastercard "Piceless" ads. Jack Lemmon was the voice of Honda; Alec Baldwin, Subaru; Patricia Clarkson, BMW.

So, here's this video, courtesy of and Mark Evanier's blog (where I first saw it). See how many celeb's you can name from their voices. In the spirit of competition, I got 7 of the 10 (I didn't get the new guys, and the guy I thought was Liev Schrieber all these years is someone else). The last voice is shomething of a "given."


Walaka said...

Crash and burn! Connery's burr was the only recognizable one for me... I guess if I'm the target demographic. those advertisers are wasting their money.

Yojimbo said...

I'll give you a point if you can identify where the title of the piece comes from.

Walaka said...

From memory:

Lou: Think about it, Ted. Do you want to be a newsman? Or a quizzzzz-master?

Ted: It's not that bad, Lou. It's just the way you say it.

Lou: You say it, Ted.

Ted: Quizzzzzz-master. (Sobs)

Yojimbo_5 said...


"This is Ted Baxter saying 'Good nize and good newt!'"