Wednesday, March 3, 2010

LNTAM Reaches the Terrible Two's

This site purports to be:

--An outlet for people to gauge the economic worth of a film to their lives.

At a time when going to a movie theater costs ten bucks per person (your grandfather paid a quarter), when the concessions are north of a fiver, and a family of four can spend close to $100 for one theater trip, someone should tell you whether it's worth it, with little pretensiousness, with an eye toward value and a knowledge of what has come before. And maybe...with luck and watching real close...that movie with real staying power can be found.

--A portal where trailers and previews can be viewed as a counter-point to the expressed opinion.

Everybody in the theater likes it when the commercials end and the trailers come on--except they're commercials, too. Damned good ones. Persuasive ones. And sometimes they're better than the movie they're promoting. The studios spend big bucks on these things to persuade you their product is worth it. They're there as the opposing view, or a further inducement. And they're fun to watch.

--Beyond that, this site will serve as access to other critical opinions, no matter how stupid, knee-jerk or fraudulently bought and paid for by the Studios.

Film criticism runs the gamut, from the newspaper vet who's been given a cushy job before he's put out to pasture, to the film-studies professor who measures every shake of the camera for some auteurist "significance." Here, it falls somewhere in-between. "Value" is this site's coin of the realm. "Worth" is it's gold-standard. And no one's paying for my opinion...not even you.

--This site will serve as a link to publications, and professional societies in the motion picture arts and sciences

There's a bunch over there on the right, and there'll be more in the weeks and months to come and there are some movie-mag's, and good publications on special effects and cinematography and sound (my area of interest) and selections of poster art sites, some composer fan-sites of note (heh!) as well as some of the prominent film-critic circles. But if you want juicey gossip, that's in another part of town. The news-wire at the bottom of the page is as low as we go.

Two Years Later, nothing's changed in that Declaration of Principles. The lists on the right margin have gotten bigger, we've added a widget or two (and taken them away), there's a place to write to us if you have a mind (but a computer and e-mail access will do), and we're still concerned with Whether It's Worth It (or not).

To you.

That sometimes makes us rank things differently than we would if we were just applying stars to the reviews, rather than imagining you applying dollars to them.

But these days that mission is more important than ever. So, you'll know whether a movie is worth the exorbitant price, or whether it's even worth putting the brakes on it while Cable-Surfing. Now, with free on-line services like Hulu (check out the movies they've got), you have even more choices, with more on the way.

Tomorrow: The Way We Rate the Things We Do

Friday: Who, What, When, Where and Why Not

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