Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Screaming Meme's

Well, today I was going to put the final buff and polish on a review/memory of "The Silence of the Lambs," (and today "The Gods Must Be Crazy!"), but they'll just have to wait for another time.

My brother in "Atonement," Andrew Kendall at "Encore's World of Film and TV," nominated me as a "versatile blogger," and managed to find a way to justify it although I only write about film, and did it with such nice words—kind words, words that describe everything I want to be as a writer—that it's a sweet obligation to give back to folks who've gladdened my heart reading their thoughts and words.  Some will actually be writing about film.  I just wish I could lob one back at Andrew for his fine work (but he'd probably kill me if he had to reveal seven more things about himself!).  The rules are: 1) Thank the person who gave you this award;  2) Share 7 things about yourself;  3) Pass the award along to 10 who you have recently discovered and who you think fantastic for whatever reasons! (in no particular order); 4) Contact the blogs you picked and let them know about the award.I'll do the easy part first (in no particular order):

The Dark of the Matinee: Detailed analysis by "The Mad Hatter," that is warm, personal and well-reasoned.  He and I had a famous dust-up about "Kick-Ass," which devolved into giggles.  I'm as stubborn as they come when it comes to movies (one of my versatiles gave me a suggestion for my blog's title—"The Concession Stand"—and her partner, another of my versatiles, countered: "He never concedes ANY-thing!"), but "The Hatter" may be the one to do it, some day.

You Talking To Me?: Mike Lippert was one of the first commenters on my blog, and we developed a quick rapport.  Passionate about movies, he's even more passionate about what makes them work when they do, and his tastes are wide-ranging and interesting.  Does not suffer fool-movies gladly.  He raises the bar of what we should expect of movies and movie-blogs.

The Last Oscar: Malcolm Gunderson's mission is clear—take a critical look at the Oscar races of various years and see what has stood up and what has proven to be whims of Hollywood trends and politics.  There has been a lot of this Oscar 20/20 hindsight lately, and they've been subject to the same prejudices and politics—just newer ones.  But Malcolm's discriminating eye and thoughtful analyses, given the nominees at hand, has the clearest vision for this type of project.  He even opens it up once in awhile with a group-blog "Smackdown," which is fun and surprising (and a lot of work for him!).  "Babe" for Best Picture of 1985 over "Braveheart"?  Yeah.  Yeah, that make sense, actually.

This Distracted Globe: Joe Valdez' long-running blog is a Whitman's sampler for anyone interested in film.  Well-researched (with citations!), he'll take you through the history of each production and his encounters with them, whetting the appetite for those unseen, and giving you the story behind the ones you already know.  Whatever the film, he's got it covered (with beautiful screen-caps!).  Features particular to his blog are "The United Federation of Character Actors" laying laurels for those essential beings who never have gotten enough credit, and this June, he's "guest-programming" the new Beverly Cinema with interesting double-bills.  A pairing of "Supergirl" and "Tank-Girl?"  Lovin' that!

Big Thoughts from a Small Mind: CS is one of those joys in movie-blogging—a group-thinker who also does heavy lifting himself.  Inclusive (his Acting School 101 features get opinions on one particular actor's roles from all sectors), but also an inquisitive and sensitive reviewer--he's going through Kurosawa's films now with a fresh eye and a discriminating taste. a samurai.

Matte Havoc: I always want to put an exclamation mark after that name.  Author DJ Heinlein has such an infectious enthusiasm for all things film which oozes out of his writing that he is always a joy to read.  I'd be a fan if only for his comprehensive gathering together of some of the best blogs on Stanley Kubrick I've read for the "Lambs in the Director's Chair" feature he organized, but his introductions were also smart, pithy and very personal.  And kind.  Thank you, DJ, for the kind words.

Oh, and one more movie blog:

Four of Them: by the perpetually smile-provoking Simon ("because she hates to be left out of these things") (P.S. even though she already HAS one).

And there's an issue.  I'd like to have included "The Floating Red Couch," and  "Wild Celtic," and "A Life in Equinox" but they've already been "versatiled."  Anybody else I read can be found inhabiting some corner of "The Large Association of Movie Blogs," your one-stop-movie-blog-center.

Now, some non-movie blogs I nominate:

WalakaNet 2.0: Walaka is an old friend whose first blog—the epic 1000 post "Hoodies, Kilts and Cons" established a tight circle of similar bloggers.  He hasn't written in awhile—although he's still writing...and teaching writing—time being precious these days.  But never say never.  When he's inspired to, he'll be back, and the posts will be inspired, too.

The Healing Nest: Multi-hyphenate Courtney Putnam's spiritual journey through herself and life's lessons are inspiring, candid and deeply felt and expressed.  A Reiki therapist-teacher by trade, and artist by temperament, she massages the body on the one hand, and the mind and soul with the other.  So talented.

Stave It Off: 1-2-3: Author John "Johnbai" Streimikes is the very definition of versatile, with thoughts on film (he wrote for LNTAM in its infancy, and is always welcome back for a guest-post), life, politics, sports, and a catalogue of his sports injuries.  Funny, quirky, and often painful (those bruises look like they really HURT!), John's eclectic mix constantly surprises and entertains.

Viva! ~ An Experiment: Wheylona is a teacher-translator in the rustic-exotic reaches of Spain.  Her multi-media examination of that much-tramped-through country-by-me vividly brings back everything that made me fall in love with that edge of Europe and its peoples.  Maybe when they stop doing construction around her place, she'll start writing again.

Now, the hard part: Seven random things about me:

1) Can make a mean stir-fry and do so frequently.

2) Won a Daytime Emmy for Sound Editing for "Bill Nye the Science Guy" (That's right, kids, I sound-designed that thing they played in your science class)

3) Fine, thanks, how's yours?

4) No, "because ice cream has no bones."

5) I'm older than I look (but not how I feel)

6) Can still speak a little German, but I'd like to learn Romanian.

7) As I've gotten older, I find that I take more pride in the accomplishments of those I've touched (and who have touched me) than I do in my own.

Thanks for reading.


Simon said...

Correction: I already have two. But hazzah, triple awardage! Fuck you, Swank!

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

YOU HAVE AN EMMY???? (there's no difference between day and prime, still an emmy no matter what's in front of it). I'm notoriously jealous of people who can speak other languages. To this day my French finals has been the only subject I failed, even though I LOVE the French I just don't have the head for languages.

PS. I've always wanted a (big) brother.

Yojimbo_5 said...

Simon: Any questions about why we all find her so charming? Didn't think so.

Andrew: My fave line from "30 Rock" this year was Whoopi Goldberg's "It still counts!" when Tracey Morgan pointed out it was a "Daytime." It's a slow process getting an "EGOT."

I'll gladly accept being your big brother, and I'll take you out for ice cream next week! ;)