Tuesday, July 13, 2010


By the time you read this, I will have already made my annual pilgrimage to my parents' grave-site to deliver flowers to the two people who gave me so much starting on this day fifty-five years ago.

55!  I didn't think I'd make it past 30!  Or 40!  But here I am, I'm "that" old and writing about one of my great obsessions in my life-The Movies.  Somewhere along the way, I thought I might write about every movie I ever saw in this life, but that stray ideal has fallen by the way-side; there's still so many I haven't seen.  And they keep making them!  There are great films that are increasingly filling the "draft" section of this blog...and there are still so many classics that I've only heard about that will one day cross my path and set my mind to thinking about what makes them great, if only to me.

And that's the thing.  Still so much to do.  Still so many worlds to encounter and stories to be absorbed.  It boggles.  But it doesn't daunt.  It just makes the road ahead that much more exciting.  Something to be anticipated, like the dawning of the Sun.

But it's not just The Movies.  This year of expansion of "Let's Not Talk About Movies" has been extraordinarily rewarding to me, personally.  More followers this year than last.  More readers every day.  More friends and acquaintances who have written and talked and joined the few who have been here since Day One.  All of you are precious to me, and my heart is full today.  Full of thanks and full of gratitude.

The heart, today, appears to me to be infinitely capable of expansion and of containing love, respect, and wisdom, coming from all corners in an endless stream of diversity, unanticpated but always welcome.  So many worlds, so many opinions, so many vantage points.  So exciting.  I can't wait to get started...

But, today, I am pausing and thanking you for your patronage, your readership, your comments, and your support.  Thank you.  For everything.

The reviews start again, tomorrow, bright and early.


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Happy Birthday. Hope there's many years ahead.

Mike Lippert said...

Here's to another hoping for another 50 years. Happy birthday.

Lucy the Lab said...

Happy Birthday, Jim!
It does seem so long ago that I used to brazenly rifle through your lunch bag at KIRO-TV... I've been off oreo's for years, btw

See you tomorrow, Ol' "Two Sheds"
and have a great day!


Simon said...

Merry birthday.

(shakin' things up, and not a damn thing you can do about it)


Yojimbo_5 said...

Andrew: Thank you, little brother...there will be.

Mike: @ 105, I think I'd be missing deadlines right and left, but I'm going to shoot for it.

Jana: It was! (For your sake, I won't name the amount--but it's older than you look!) and those Oreo's would have long crumbled into dust. Friendships, as we prove, never go stale.

Simon: As if I'd try! Every time you grace us with your presence, it's like being alighted by a "precious snowflake."

Go ahead, take a shot at that!

Thank you all! Hope you enjoy what we got coming up!