Friday, March 4, 2011

Ladies And Gentlemen

Well, that was easier than I thought....

I had stopped updating the LNTAM Index...oh, around about since last it was getting sluggish and nobody was using it.  Very little traffic on that site (understandable because most people use the "Search" function here, or come to LNTAM from the various Search engines on the web.  I also didn't like how the Index looked; in all the Design classes I've taken,* the instructors always drilled in their students the value of "White Space."  Well, the Index had BAGS of White Space.  And I didn't like it.  Looked a little arid to me.

So, as part of LNTAM's third, I wanted to update the Index and make it a little snazzier.  The results are below:

I'll be adding widgets and ads over the next few weeks, so, please, feel free to scope it out in its infancy (they're always so cute at this age), which you can do by merely clicking on the graphic.  Or by going to the handy-dandy Index link over there in the right column.

* All two of them.

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