Friday, December 28, 2012

Video Interlude: Spielberg/Aronofsky

The last few days (and until New Year's) I've been spending my meager time to write on the year end summation of 2012 (and feeling a bit guilty about it, having passed opportunities to see Django Unchained, Les Miz, and a couple other stragglers, which undoubtedly should be included).  Lots of background work, memory-challenging and linkage for that one (as well as the latest entries in the Library of Congress' collection, the review of which will come soon after).  

But, in my review of 2012 mash-up video's (that*fingers crossed* will actually appear in the article before YouTube yanks them for rights issues), I've found the work of Kees van Dijkhuizen jr. and Joel Walden, both of whom are doing wonderful video summations of directors' canon.

Here is Dijkhuizen's masterful look at Spielberg's work.

And Joel Walden's very clever summation of Darren Aronofsky's career (so far).

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