Tuesday, January 22, 2008

49 Up

"49Up" (Michael Apred, 2006) The latest in Michael Apted's seven-year cycle of films examining (although some of the participants would say "intruding") the lives of a handful of British citizens that were first introduced in the television program "7Up." A "reality show" in every sense, every seven years they are interviewed, filmed and their current situation in life presented.

For those who've been following the films, it's a bit like catching up with old friends and it's particularly interesting to see how they've changed in the last seven--some have grandchildren, some are starting new families, some have had their dreams dashed and are rebuilding new lives. And short answer for those who've seen the series--Neil is alive...and doing well. There is also a good interview between Apted and Roger Ebert where Ebert asks the hard questions --"What will you do when one of them is about to die?": "Who'll take over this project when you die?"

Fascinating stuff. Highly recommended.

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