Monday, February 4, 2008

I Know Where I'm Going

"I Know Where I'm Going!" (Michael Powell/Emeric Pressburger, 1945) Wendy Hiller stars as a determined woman whose whole life has been planned out and played out according to her own well thought-out scenario. Now, she's travelling to the Scottish Highlands to marry her industrialist fiancee on the Island of Kiloran. But to get there she must book passage from the Island of Mull. But Nature and Fate conspire to keep her Mulling and scuttle her schedule, while the cutely eccentric citizens cast a spell all their own. Powell and Pressburger create a film concoction with fantasy elements, surreal dream sequences and musical interludes, taking a straightforward story and apply an extremely creative approach to it. The story may seem overly familiar, but not the approach to it which keeps one watching intently to see not so much what will happen, but how. It's a lost little gem that shows what a creative force "The Archers"--the team that made "The Red Shoes" could be. Also, look for a short appearance by a child-actress named Petula Clark. Yup, that one.

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