Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bright Star

"Perish the Thought"*

There are many artists I would put inside the director's pantheon,
But of all those chaps, among my faves is
Jane (the Aussie) Campion.

Her heroes (mostly female) both imbue and fight the schisms
that go along (as well they might) with social ostracism,

maintaining self, their specialness, not merely as statistic
that goes against the status quo
of things paternalistic.

Campion works in
mythic films, the types you can get lost in,
But this one takes some pages from
that other Jane (Ms. Austen).

For though her films have, in the past, explored romantic themes,
I'd call them cautionary, "
love's not always what it seems."

this tale of Miss Fanny Brawne and lovin' bard, John Keats
shows a more impassioned love, although keeping it discreet.

It's not like modern movies where the sex is done to death
The most explicit this one gets is int'mate shuddering breaths.

The costumes are exquisite, the period details, right
Abbie Cornish and Ben Whishaw make you feel their love's delight.

It truly is amazing the director took this chance
to realize, to dramatize unmodernized romance

I wouldn't be surprised to find this one in Oscar's thicket.
That's why I grant "Bright Star" a most deserv'd "Full Price Ticket."

* Shall I review "Bright Star" in verse?
(I don't know. I could do worse)


Courtney Putnam said...

Full-price ticket worthy, indeed! My mom and I saw this film the other week and we were both enraptured. Beautiful film....

Jon said...

Bravo,sir bravo! Exquisitely and deftly done.

Yojimbo_5 said...

Although I wouldn't want to rush/I'd have to say you made me blush.

Simon said...

Rhyming? How dare you direct me to pretty things!

Yojimbo_5 said...

Oh, I know. Shame on me! ;P