Monday, March 24, 2008

Blades of Glory

"Blades of Glory" (Josh Gordan and Will Speck, 2007) Will Farrell and Jon Heder play two polar-opposite figure skaters (the "Hawk and Dove" of the skate world) in style and personality, who are banned from competing for life and entreated by Coach Craig T. Nelson (sounds familiar), to go back into the sport as the world's first same-sex doubles competitors. Farrell and Heder are both hilarious as are their main competitors, the Van Waldenburg brother-sister team, played incestuously by real-life husband and wife Will Arnett and Amy Poehler (Arnett almost salchows away with the movie) The filmakers find many outrageous ways to knock the sport in additon to finding many opportunities to exploit Farrell's customary odd-ball vocal tangents. Toss in some of the skating world's elite who are only too willing to send up their images for a laugh (Bravo and a bouquet to Scott Hamilton, Nancy Kerrigan, Dorothy Hamill, THE Brian Boitano, Peggy Fleming, and a big one to Sasha Cohen!) and you've got a raucous movie that does delivers a lot...a LOT...of laughs.


John said...

You're a bit kinder than me on this one. I thought the premise rested just a bit too heavily on homophobic humor.

I did particularly love the ending however... which appeared to make no sense whatsoever, unless you're the world's biggest Repo Man fan... in which case, it was awesome.

Yojimbo_5 said...
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