Monday, September 15, 2008

Crazy Love

Crazy Love (2007, Klores )

You couldn't make this up if you tried. A documentary about Burt and Linda Pugach, your average older married couple, except for the fact that more than 20 years ago, he hired two thugs to throw acid in her face after she had dumped him and taken up with another man. For which crime he served his time being released early because the parole board was impressed that he had started sending his victim money. Once free, he pursues her until she agrees to meet him and then to marry him. It would be a cute story of undying love and forgiveness were it not for the fact that his obsession with her does not seem to be about anything to do with love and her agreement to marry him seems less to do with forgiveness and more to do with desperation and the need for someone to look after her as she finally lost the remains of her sight.

The movie takes its time setting up the situation and we don't really get much insight from the interviews with friends and family other than a confirmation of how truly bizarre this story really is. And how loathsome he is. Though disappointingly, the director refuses to really take a stand, preferring instead to present a freak show.

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